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    "people-oriented, Science and technology prospering corporation, Honest management, Meticulously in building the Hengli brand"
    The German Association of broadcasting reporters in Shanghai City Enterprises

    In July 26th, the German Association of broadcasting journalist Marcus line 2 people often interviewed Changzhou Hengli Machinery Co Ltd.

    Changzhou Hengli Machinery Co. Ltd mainly produces complete sets of plastic weaving machinery. Reporters come often, mainly on the company's efforts in technical innovation as well as the measures taken to deal with the decline in exports and other content to be interviewed. Mr. Qiu Zhongheng, chairman of the company on the relevant issues were answered.

    German Broadcasting Association (ARD) is the largest public radio network in Germany, is a combination of all local public radio and television stations in germany. The German Broadcasting Association in China with Beijing and Shanghai reporters station every day to Germany sent about China's political, economic, cultural, sports and other aspects of instant news and its viewers and listeners covering the German population of 80 million. A reporter's interview will help to enhance the visibility of the city related enterprises in the overseas market.

    Date: 2013-07-29