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    "people-oriented, Science and technology prospering corporation, Honest management, Meticulously in building the Hengli brand"
    2015 the European textile machinery exhibition will be held in November

    The European International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA 2015), sponsored by the European Textile Machinery Association, will be held on November 12th ~19 in Milan Italy International Exhibition Center. Held once every 4 years, the ITMA 2015 exhibition covers all aspects of the textile machinery industry, is the world's textile machinery manufacturers and suppliers to exchange an important event.

    2011 held in Barcelona, Spain, the last show a total of 1355 companies from 45 countries and regions, as well as about 10 people from more than and 140 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition of the exhibition scope: spinning preparation, chemical fibre production, spinning machinery, auxiliary equipment and accessories; winding, deformation, twisting and auxiliary machinery; nonwoven and felt with network, adhesive and finishing machinery and auxiliary machinery and accessories; weaving preparation, weaving, tufting and auxiliary machinery and accessories; knitting, hosiery and auxiliary machinery; weaving, embroidery machinery and accessories; washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, sorting, and rolling, shearing and folding machinery, auxiliary equipment and accessories; industrial sewing machine.

    Date: 2015-03-31