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    "people-oriented, Science and technology prospering corporation, Honest management, Meticulously in building the Hengli brand"
    Fujian textile market research: the demand for various types of textile machinery to increase

    Quanzhou Jinjiang Fujian International Textile Machinery Exhibition - will be held on August 2015 20-22 in Quanzhou, Jinjiang Fujian SM International Exhibition center. Chinese manufacturing needs to be upgraded is already an indisputable fact, China made 2025, the introduction of the right time. The ten year plan represents the future of the country's national strategy and the will of the country, in the direction of national policy to lead, is particularly necessary. But we also can not be ignored, over the past few years to our country from the valuable experience of planned economy to market economy proved, the national strategy must be through participation in the main body of the enterprise, the positive response from the market have become reality. For this reason, the implementation of the "China made 2025" upgrade process, at the same time it should be a full respect for market rules, market allocation of resources to develop the ability to upgrade the process.

    Fujian market overview:

    Fujian Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Shishi since 2004 has been rated as "China's textile industry base, China Town in casual clothes, sportswear town of China, Chinese underwear Town, China town of the trousers, jacket of the world", has formed from the spinning, weaving, bleaching dyeing and finishing, garment production one-stop complete industrial chain. With annual output value over tens of millions of dollars of textile enterprises 3833 home, ultra billion enterprise there are 153, and has Yingling, Shenhu, Hanjiang, witty and four clothing characteristic town. Quanzhou Jinjiang textile and garment enterprises nearly 12000, lions has more than 9700 home textile and garment production enterprises, output value of more than 10 million billion yuan. As a new textile industry base, the demand for all kinds of textile machinery is strong, and a growing trend.

    Exhibition will be combined with the latest trends in the industry, the exhibition covers four major areas of textile machinery industry: knitting machinery, textile machinery, textile machinery, printing and dyeing machinery. Focus on the display of objects, including circular knitting machine, computerized flat knitting machine, warp knitting machine, spinning machine, winding machine, rapier loom in the industry field. With the domestic research and development and promotion of advanced technology and equipment to speed up the pace, the current exhibition will bring together the latest technology and products, to show the future development trends of the industry. Exhibition scope: knitting machinery: circular knitting machine, jacquard machine, hosiery machine, computerized flat knitting series machine, glove knitting machine, warp knitting machine, printing machine, knitting machine etc.. Spinning machinery: weaving machinery: dyeing and finishing machinery: Textile Parts and accessories: a variety of other textile machinery, etc..


    Date: 2015-08-01